Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights

We will research to determine who the descendants of the owner(s) of oil, gas and mineral rights are.

Real Estate

Quiet Title – When an error or problem is detected on the title of land, ownership of the land needs to be established. We will search for heirs of the earlier estate so they can release their interests in the land. 

Abandoned Property – In order for abandoned property to be purchased, a new title will have to be granted. We will search for the heirs of the owners who abandoned the land so they can release their interests in the land.

Reverter Clause – A reverter clause causes a property to be returned to the original owner, or their heirs, when the conditions of the original agreement are no longer met or the interests in the property no longer exist. We will conduct an heir search to identify and locate the rightful heirs.


We will search for living descendents of a person who has died intestate or testate.

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